Ranong, Thailand

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Ranong, Thailand

Ranong, Thailand.

Ranong is Thailand's first southern province on the coast of the Andaman Sea in the Indian Ocean. The Ranong town far from Bangkok about 568 km., Ranong covers an area of 3,226 sq,km. Ranong is where Kra Isthmus, the narrowest strip of land 50 km long on the Malay Peninsula is located. Most of its geography is mountainous and forested. Tapered and narrow, its longest strip is 169 km and widest strip is 44 km. The narrowest part, only 9 km wide, is in Kra Buri, 

Ranong is subdivided into 5 districts (Amphoe), namely Mueng Ranong district, Kraburi district, La-Oun district, Kapoe district and Suksamran district

Travel to Ranong, Thailand.

By Flight: From Bangkok Donmueng Airport by  Air Asia Air Asia 

By Bus: From Southern Bus Station in Bangkok

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By Car

From Bangkok take Thon Buri - Pak Tho route on Road 35 passing Samut Sakhon province and Samut Songkhram. Change to Road 4 Phetchkasem Road at Phetchaburi province passing Prachuap Khiri Khan province till Pathomphon intersection of Chumphon province and ture right for 12 km. to Ranong province distance is 568 km.

Or From Bangkok, take Pinklao route toward Nakhon Pathom province on Road No. 4 Phetchkasem Road passing Ratchaburi province, Phetchaburi province, Prachap Khiri Khan province and Chumphon province and drive straight to Ranong province.

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